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Nathan Hammer, Owner

I am a Christian following God's call on my life and I am married to my beautiful bride. We have two dogs; a German Shepherd and a Bulldog/Pit Mix. I am a warrior for Christ and always training my spirit, soul, and body to stay ready for any mission. Staying in the Word and knowing who I am in Christ is my greatest weapon. Controlling my mind, will, and emotions is the key to living by the Spirit and experiencing true life in my body. An active lifestyle is a part of who I am; involving sports, competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting, running marathons and ultra marathons, running obstacle course races and training for any mission that comes my way. I've pushed myself to extreme physical and mental limits and also have gained the experience to take care of the body we live in. I've been an NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2015. I have experience and training in Law Enforcement and Security. I have received instruction and training from SWAT members, Army Special Forces, and Navy SEALs. I have a bachelors in Biblical Studies and have undergone intense training to teach and minister the Gospel. Hammer Forged is a brand that is built on hard work. Kingdom work.

This brand is training for life and making an impact on eternity, teaching the life transforming truths I have received. This is my passion.

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